For some people, fear is a four-letter word, simply something that comes and goes willy-nilly. For others, it is a feeling when you are about to do something crazy or something you know you should not do, more of an instinct so to speak. Then there are those whose fear can control their lives, like a stronghold.

    I believe I am somewhere in between an instinct and a stronghold. I can be fine and dandy one day, or even months, and then next thing you know. Bam! I am gripped with fear. The only problem with my fear is that it is an irrational fear. It literally never makes sense. Sometimes it is a fear of the unknown, like something bad is about to happen, or that overwhelming fear that I have no clue what is going to happen next. Other times it is a fear of putting lotion on at night or that something bad will happen if I sleep in braids.

    My fears were so severe at one point in my life that I would lie awake 80% of the night, because I was too afraid to fall asleep. I never wanted to drive by myself, even though I had had my license for several months. I was terrified to get behind the wheel all alone. Also, I have all of these rituals I must do each night before bed, and if I do not do them I cannot sleep.

    I have prayed hundreds of times for God to take my fears away. Well maybe He does not want to. Maybe He wants to use my weakness to show that He is strong. If I don’t have any weaknesses, if I don’t have something that makes me wholly dependent on God, then why do I need Him? I wouldn’t, and then I would be able to boast of myself. I would say, “Hey look at me! I overcame my fear!” No, God does not want that. He wants me say, “I could not do this on my own. I tried and I failed. If God had not been there, I would be a wreck. But God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness!”

    Therefore, I have now come to a conclusion regarding my crazy fears. Fear is a lie, and fear is not trusting in God. My fear is a way for God to use me. He can use my fear to minister to other people who face the same fear every day. When you look in the book of Matthew Jesus says, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?… Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:27, 34).

    So, you see, even Jesus told us not to worry! Why then are so many people gripped with fear? Why is it so hard for me to put my trust completely in God? Maybe the answer is that we live in a fallen world, where we are constantly surrounded by sin. Where we are not able to put our trust in God completely. Had Adam and Eve not eaten that apple, this wouldn’t be the problem, but I’m afraid they did, and now we must pay for it by living in this sin drenched world every day of our lives

        That is a pretty depressing thought, isn’t it? That we must live in fear and sin for the rest of our lives? Well not really, because we know how this story ends. Our God is an awesome God who sent His Son to die for our sins, so that we might be forgiven and have eternal life. Yes, it is sad to live in sin, but while here on earth we have the power to do amazing things! So, don’t let your fears get in the way. Go out there and proclaim the Good News.
Let everyone you see know that without God, you would be just as lost as them. Go out there and live life to the glory of God! Shine so that through you others may come to know Christ.

Courage is not the absence of fear, rather something is more important than fear.


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